Why La maison One?

Here we believe in real partnership of Humanity. And so the real cooperation which now is growing between one of the most development societies in the Middle East and one of the largest society in production in the Farthest East.

That light began softly, but still shining more and more by your participation and involvement in our vision.
Maybe we aren’t the best now, but without doubt we will be one of the best partners with fertility environment for cooperation and glory to be grown.

From this vision, we decided to utilize any engineering, scientific and functional energy to guarantee vocational and social life within maximum limits of calm and harmonious evolution with your culture which we proud of.


To reach your dream means to stop think and start doing,

From here, we starts out by steady steps toward to safety, trust, permanence, innovation and honor.
Furthermore, collecting these meanings is more suitable for willing and aspiring partners, those are definitely working on that light to shin all over the world.

Mision don't limit it 🙂

La maison One  is a group of sustainable company highlight at Design, Build And Rent,

We are professional at creative Construction idea with full consultant solution to save time and money.

We start

Growing up

“ Everybody has the same 24 hours a day, it's only about priority “

We are able to help grow sales with smart ideas

Every project has unique design and style itself

Full sustainable solutions at construction and consultants stages .

Real Estate
Whatever your budget we have the solution for you.