Goodstart Early Learning Enterprise Agreement 2020

Overall, the new company agreement brings really positive changes in our working conditions and sets a new standard for the industry in general. This is definitely a step in the right direction, especially after the difficult year we had in 2020. Children still need to learn, play and prepare for school, even during this pandemic, and we are here to continue teaching them. It was a challenge, but it just means that I appreciate the understanding, recognition and improvements even more. If you`d like to learn more about opportunities at Goodstart, visit our careers page.â ̄ I love working at Goodstart because of the commitment to children and early learning and the people who work here. They`re a great employer, and this new EA highlights how committed they are to their employees. To learn more about opportunities at Goodstart, visit our Careers page. Of course, the teacher salary increase under Goodstart`s new Corporate Agreement (EA) is very important to me and my colleagues. It`s not just the financial benefits, I`m happy with the symbolism of change that puts us on an equal footing with other states and the public school system. Alignment with public school rates of pay goes a long way in bridging the gap between early childhood and elementary school careers.

It`s a great recognition of the work we do and the crucial role we play in early childhood development. I was fortunate to be selected for the Goodstart Detachment and Cultural Immersion Program. This program is a two-way cultural learning program in which Goodstart provides qualified educators each school year to work with local educators. It`s an amazing opportunity to learn in a completely different community, rich in Indigenous culture. It`s important to have more time to manage our lives outside of work and take care of our mental health, but also to help us do our best at work. As teachers, we spend a lot of time planning and preparing our programs, in addition to the time we spend in class with children and working with families, so we also need time to continue to foster high-quality early learning. Under the new agreement, we will have up to six hours a week of contactless time, which is a huge benefit – not only for my fellow teachers and educators, but ultimately for the children we care for and educate. We will now be able to do even more to ensure we deliver the high-quality early learning experiences we aspire to and that children deserve.

Goodstart began negotiations on a new company agreement in February 2020 and has worked with staff to ensure their teachers and educators feel valued and recognise the vital role they play. Melissa Tserkezidis of Goodstart was very eager to see what was negotiated in the new company agreement. What this means for her as a teacher in the field of early childhood education, she says. If you work at a preschool or early learning centre that is not covered by a company agreement, contact Lisa James (lisa@ieu.asn.au), IEU organiser, to discuss how the union can help you. Of course, raising wages is also something we all excited about. Educators are paid at least 3% above the premium rate, which means I can continue to do something I love financially. It also sends a strong message that what we do in early childhood is just as important as what happens in schools. It is important for me to work for an organization that cares about the well-being of its team. The new days of personal well-being and the shift to under-the-roof ratios in the new EA really show that Goodstart values and values our mental health. This shows that we understand that our work can be difficult and that sometimes we need extra support. I love my job, but it`s not always easy. The Goodstart Early Learning Enterprise Agreement was approved by the Fair Work Board on August 5, 2021.

Last Friday, at the Northern Territory Education and Care Awards, our own Goodstart Nightcliff educator, Maria Baron, was recognized as the “winner”. To be recognized for the valuable role we play – and the complexity of our work – is brilliant, and it was great to see Goodstart go even further with a Leave Review (RDT) and two days of personal well-being. Not only does it feel like a reward for our efforts, but it will also make a big difference to my work-life balance. Being able to plan tasks like maintaining my car or just taking a mental break makes my life easier. I am fortunate that my centre already supports flexible working, and I think RDO would represent a positive change for our conditions. Up to two days of personal vacation can be used as a wellness vacation Together you are strong. Stewards are ready to support members in the coming weeks through environmental assessment information sessions and the voting process. While it doesn`t affect me personally at this time, I know that the new offer of up to four weeks of employer-funded paid parental leave and an increase in employee childcare discounts will make a real difference to my colleagues. It doesn`t happen that often that someone asks you what you want and then lets it happen for you. above all, an employer! I am therefore very excited about the benefits and conditions that will result from Goodstart`s new Enterprise Contract (EA).

It`s really encouraging to feel that your employer is listening to you and really wants to make things better. The benefits and conditions that are put in place are what we asked for, but what impressed me was how proactively it was done – they took what we said and translated it into real actions. Last Friday in the Northern Educ Territory. From 1 March 2002, employees will be entitled to four weeks of paid parental leave, which will increase to six weeks of paid leave after 1 March 2024. The IEU congratulates its members on the significant improvements in wages and working conditions achieved through their continued participation in the bargaining process. Casual workers will not receive the same wage increases as permanent employees in 2022 and 2023. We will all get the same increase in our base rate, but in 2022 the occasional fee will be reduced from 1% to 22%, and then in 2023 to 21%. Goodstart has introduced a new salary scale and teachers will receive salary increases retroactive to the first full salary period starting July 1, 2021.

The start-up rate has been increased to reflect the rates paid to graduates employed by the New South Wales Department of Education. The increases to be paid in 2022 and 2023 are calculated based on the percentage increase in the minimum wage. The Director`s annual allowance will be increased to $6365 for 0 to 39 seats, $7912 for 40 to 59 seats and $9577 for 60 or more seats. I was lucky enough to be selected as part of the goods. Read more Education officials advance an additional salary point on the salary scale. If the Director of Education has the highest pay point for his classification, he will receive an allowance of $1.40 per hour. I`m still studying, so I really appreciate flexible working. It`s something that`s already included in our culture at Goodstart Stafford Heights, but making it a more formal offer means it`s available to me, no matter what center I work at. Goodstart is testing days off and ways to plan work from home are positive steps to help us properly manage work-life balance. These improvements would never have been possible without YOUR solidarity and YOUR action! At Goodstart, the best we can do to protect your children is to protect our employees, which is why our team members are vaccinated against COVID-19. read more..