Asio Enterprise Agreement 2019

In fiscal year 2019-20, ASIO spent US$313,025 on marketing and advertising for recruitment activities and campaigns. For more information on these advertising campaigns, see www.asio.gov.au and in the Australian Government Advertising Reports produced by the Department of Finance. These reports are available on the Ministry of Finance website (see also Appendix G). The 2019-20 report is available in Appendix F. In 2019-20, ASIO submitted written applications to JCCBI Review of Administration and Expenditure No. 18 (2018-19). In 2019-2020, ASIO also contributed, directly or through consultation with the Ministry of the Interior, to a series of other JCCS investigations, including: ASIO has no tolerance for fraudulent behavior. ASIO treats suspected and actual fraud in a serious manner and takes all appropriate measures to prevent, detect and combat fraudulent behaviour. The ASIO Fraud Control Plan 2019-21 documents our approach to fraud detection, prevention, detection, reporting and investigation, as well as our commitment to the efficient, efficient and ethical use of resources, including the information and data we collect and resources obtained by the government. Our fraud prevention measures are consistent with the Commonwealth Fraud Control framework. ASIO continued to refine its performance framework during the reporting year and focused more on the business planning process. This was supported by workshops on the de-tolerables and goals of the team.

All ASIO staff who were expected to participate in the performance cycle did so in 2019/20. Last year, the focus was on maturing our workforce analysis capacity to enable strategic workforce management. The development of a Data Warehouse company has made it possible to provide automated employee reports in real time to support strategic decision-making regarding staff. It also allowed superiors to use self-service dashboard reports to support their day-to-day thinking. The Ben Chifley Building continued to support the business and capacity requirements of ASIO and its partners. In 2019-20, our Corporate Suites, including Australia`s largest security auditorium, hosted a series of events ahead of the introduction of COVID-19 restrictions. In 2019-2020, IGIS regularly reviewed the activities of our business functions and reviewed a small number of complaints received by the Agency. During the 2019-20 reporting period, the IGIS Office completed three investigations and made recommendations, the results of which were submitted for review to asio`s Audit and Risk Committee. ASIO has accepted all the investigative recommendations and, in consultation with the IGIS Office and the relevant authorities, it is at various stages of implementation. We are committed to acting with legality and decency, and in 2019-20 we acted comprehensively and systematically to address issues that IGIS identified as needing improvement.

Asio Fraud Strategy Statement 2019-21 (www.asio.gov.au/asio-fraud-strategy-statement.html) provides more information about our anti-fraud and management agreements. During the years 2019-2020, we complied with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPR) and related directives and directives. Our compliance has been monitored by our Audit and Risk Committee. No significant issues were identified and general compliance was acceptable. ASIO makes available to other parliamentary committees, as appropriate. In 2019-2020, ASIO contributed, either directly or through consultation with the Ministry of the Interior, to the following: During the period 2019-2020, ASIO submitted applications for the revision of the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Act 2018 by the INSLM. . . .