App Store Paid Applications Agreement

Due to the contract that has not yet been accepted on the Apple account, can`t we push a new version of Xcode into the Appstore connect? It`s not okay if we push a build of Xcode. Do I have to fill in the payment data for the contract? To accept this agreement, they must have already accepted the Apple Developer Program License Agreement in their account on the developer`s website. UPDATE: Readers tell me that it may also be necessary for you to include it in your App Store description. It`s a much simpler change, so I recommend adding it there. To update my free app, it seems like I only have one way to achieve the goal – by pressing the request key and accepting the agreement that appears immediately. I have the same problem. Found a problem? I can`t update my free apps and I don`t have any paid apps. I do not think you should accept the paid request. However, I don`t see any way to terminate the contract itself, so it`s likely you`re going directly to Apple.

I had the same problem and was confused because my company doesn`t have paid apps. I asked Apple Support to withdraw the paid app contract request, but they said they couldn`t and still let us fill out. Are incomplete applications something you usually avoid successfully? 🚨🚨🚨The Apple Developer Program agreement is updated and the repressive language around subscription Paywalls has been supported downwards. Point 3.8(b) of Annex 2 has been completely rewritten to ask only for title, length and price. Great news for subscription designers pic.twitter.com/yBXXzp7wwM It`s clear they want me to accept the new deal, but I can`t find it anywhere. Paid is for the deposit of a paid app on the Apple Store, which is free for the free app If you want to submit your app as a paid app on the Apple App Store, you need to do this: I don`t know how these contracts and agreements work and the forum doesn`t seem to have an answer to this question yet. I have already submitted free applications. Now I`m trying to update one of the free apps, and the main page of iTunes Connect tells me this: everyone accepts free and paid contracts, reads, digests and clicks, gets rich. Did you end up going to Apple to remove it or just accept the new deal? I ask because I want to contact Apple to remove it and asked me who to contact. I`ve had a developer account for a few years and have been successfully publishing paid apps for some time.

If I sign in to iTunes Connect today, I see above a new message: Step 2: Skip to the Agreements, Taxes, and Banking section. The fact that everyone does this is not an acceptable answer. . For more information on creating and managing contracts with Apple, click here. For another data point, I know of a recently declined developer who had the same information, but in another view that was linked to a button from the purchase flow. It didn`t qualify (according to one reviewer). Asking every developer to implement their version of 3.8(b) is expensive and creates a broken experience for the user. Apple should insert it into the default sheet. But this is Apple`s garden.

If they jump, say “good, whatever.” It turns out that someone on our team asked for a “paid app contract,” which is why we see it. If you sign in to iTunes Connect, on the main page, “The following contracts have expired: paid iOS apps…