Japan Sri Lanka Job Agreement

The government of Sri Lanka and Japan will sign an agreement tomorrow (19) that will allow Sri Lanka to send an unlimited number of qualified people to Japan for a period of 10 years, Sri Lanka`s Mp Manusha Nanayakkara said today. Sri Lanka has signed an agreement with Japan to send qualified people for jobs Mi, Jun 19, 2019, 19:50 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka. “This is a great opportunity for Sri Lanka. It is not an agreement with a private company. It is an agreement between two governments. A skilled and skilled workforce will have the opportunity to work in Japan and earn a considerable salary. Currently, the SLBFE only sends health care workers to Japan. We believe that after the agreement is signed, Sri Lankan workers will be able to be sent to Japan for free to work,” he said. In a commentary on the latest press articles on the migrant worker insurance scheme in Kuwait, the Deputy Minister stated that the allegations that the worker should contribute to the insurance scheme were false. “It is the employer who receives the migrant worker who should pay the payments for a period of two years. The insurance scheme benefits all workers who migrate to Kuwait. Subsequently, compensation of up to 1000 Kuwaiti dinars will be paid. The contract, which was signed to implement the insurance plan, is valid for five years and will be reviewed in two years,” he revealed.

He said the agreement will be signed in Japan by the Minister of Telecommunications and Foreign Employment and Sports, Harin Fernando. Sri Lanka was one of nine countries that had the opportunity to send skilled labour to Japan and, as a result of the agreement, skilled workers in 14 categories will be able to obtain unlimited jobs in that country. June 19, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government on Wednesday signed an agreement with the Japanese government allowing Sri Lanka to send an unlimited number of skilled workers to Japan for employment in less than 14 categories for a 10-year period. Sri Lankan work in 14 different job categories will have access to employment in the Japanese market, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs putting in place strict controls to eliminate abuses. The employment opportunities that are opening up in Sri Lanka after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between two countries yesterday require a level of qualification defined by the Japanese authorities. “We will not allow any employment agency to recruit for these positions, these agencies will be controlled by the Foreign Employment Bureau and skills development will be provided by vocational training institutions,” Harin Fernando, Minister of Telecommunications, Foreign Employment and Sports, told the Daily FT. The agreement also includes the upgrading of the appeal system in the country to Japanese competency standards, with N4 and N5 courses offered to hopeful job seekers. The program will also give a guarantee of employment in Japan for a period of 10 years, said Fernando, while skilled workers have the flexibility to move to the profession as well. The Minister also hopes that the official support of professionals in Japan will indirectly encourage young people to invest in vocational training. “We plan to send up to 1,000 full-fledged professionals this year. We already have about 600 apprentices in our institutions, so we are confident that we will be able to send between 1,000 and 1,500 people by the end of the year,” said the Minister.