Westlake Financial Services Dealer Agreement

Fund every customer who walks into the door! We offer a full range of tailored financing programs for clients of each credit note. Traders can offer prices of up to 2.99%, terms up to 72 months and down payments of up to USD 0. Merchants also benefit from Westlake`s financial programs, as they can receive up to 2% of merchant participation in certain credit tranches and dealer fees starting at $0. Westlake offers titanium, platinum, gold and standard programs for customers of each credit note! With the largest dealer network in the United States, Westlake is helping independent distributors and franchisees increase their profits. As distributors continue to face the challenges of margin compression, it is essential to implement innovative solutions to optimize efficiency and reduce overhead costs. On average, dealers pay a holding price of $32 per day for each vehicle that stands without doing anything on their land.2 In addition, recent studies show that vehicles with a title are almost twice as likely to be sold on the first pass through the auction as such untitled.3 Don`t turn away from those hard-to-certify customers! Traders can allow first and fore subprime buyers with Westlake Financial. The standard program allows merchants to benefit from a loan fee of only $349. Traders rely on this program to be the backbone of their subprime financial activities. BALTIMORE – May 24, 2017 – Westlake Financial Services has announced a partnership with eOriginal, Inc. to digitally transform its car dealership management system into an eContracting solution, improving the customer experience and increasing efficiency and accuracy, while speeding up the funding process from days to several hours.

eOriginal is the trusted expert in digital transaction management solutions, specializing in post-execution management of financial asset documentation. eOriginal SmartSign® and eAsset® Management Services provide an end-to-end solution for fully electronic transactions that must be managed with the highest security and highest compliance throughout the lifecycle. EOriginal makes eOriginal available to its customers and partners® treating each transaction as having assets whose security, compliance and enforceable must be proven. For more information, see www.eoriginal.com. eOriginal®, eAsset®, eOriginal SmartSign® and eCertainty® are eOriginal, Inc. trademarks and registered in the United States or other countries. Harmon also said: “This seamless transfer of contract data drastically reduces the time it takes to get a full financing package and allows our acquisition team to start working faster.