Turnkey Purchase Agreement

In addition to the completion of photovoltaic installations, BayWa r.e. supports all the contracts and approvals necessary for the construction and management of installations. Similarly, in addition to leases, permits, construction and network connection, we guarantee, in addition to compulsory insurance coverage, technical and commercial management. Result: your solar farm can be financed by a bank over a long period of time. In general, banks (and the reserve bank) want to encourage loans against new homes, but there are many differences between the types of construction contracts and how banks view each contract. A bank may require that you be able to pay for both your own property and the new property, without any rental income. Another bank may not lend at all to turnkey contracts for investment real estate. As with all real estate purchases, the first step should be to talk to your mortgage advisor. A turnkey project or turnkey process (also written turnkey) is a type of project designed to be sold to any buyer as a final product. This runs counter to the Build-to-Order in which the designer builds an item to the precise specifications of the buyer or when an incomplete product is sold on the assumption that the buyer would finalize it. This contract model contains certain general conditions that are generally applied in the vast majority of turnkey contracts, although there are other conditions that need to be changed to reflect the circumstances of each contract and which are characterized as specific conditions; The contract schedule contains a guide to the development of these specific conditions that change the terms and conditions of sale.

In addition to this guide, the annexes contain several types of documents: tender letters, contract agreements and templates for the litigation agreement. All of these documents are part of the documentation that must be submitted by companies applying for a turnkey project, especially if it is carried out in an international environment. A turnkey computer system is a complete computer with hardware, operating system and applications specially designed and sold for certain commercial requirements.