Master Services And License Agreement

Termination: The company may terminate this CLU if the client or someone who uses the client`s account, authorized or not by the Client, violates this CLU. at the expiry or end of this CLUE: (a) the rights and licenses granted to the customer under this CLUE expire; (b) the customer will immediately stop using the software; and (c) The customer will immediately cease to use and return all articles and documents relating to the software in possession or customer control that are owned by the company or contain confidential information (as defined in the MSA) 4.1. Conditions of assistance. During the subscription, Looker provides the customer with the support services described in the following URL: Support (support services). Looker reserves the right to make changes to The Assistance Services (or certain components of it) from time to time provided that such changes do not significantly affect the support services used on the effective date of this Agreement. Looker is committed to making economically reasonable efforts to inform the customer of significant changes to support services by issuing an amendment notice on the URL above. Violation of this UPA may lead to the termination or suspension of all services provided by Ytel, as well as civil, criminal or administrative responsibilities or sanctions against you. Remember that at the end of the day, you are responsible for making your own informed decisions regarding the use of the Services, and you remain fully responsible for any use of the Services in violation of applicable law, as well as these Terms of Use and Operational Agreements between us. 6.2.

Reports/audit. At Looker`s request, but no more than four times a year, the customer provides Looker with at least the provision attributes it uses for each area of use (including, if applicable, the number of external users using the services) and the license keys provided and associated with the Instance (s) and associated license keys. If the deployment attributes are measurable by a ping from the Looker license server, the ping serves as a report. If there is a discrepancy between the extent of the use and/or the attributes of the customer`s availability and the actual use of the customer, Looker can verify at its own expense and no more than once in a calendar year the Customer`s records on the Customer`s use of the Services, and the Customer undertakes to cooperate appropriately for that control. Such a review is carried out with a written notification prior to the customer during normal business hours and must not interfere unreasonably in the customer`s activity.