Dentrix Payment Agreement Manager

Enter the other terms of payment agreement, z.B the annual financial commission. Select if you want to calculate late supplements for this agreement, then enter the information for late supplements. Once a payment agreement has been established for a patient, you can verify the payment agreement and make a double-clicking payment on the tutor`s name in the Dentrix Collections Manager or in the new Payment Contract Manager window. For more information on payment agreements, see the theme “Putting Payment Agreements in” in Dentrix help. From time to time, you may have patients who need other means of payment. If this is the case, you can establish a payment contract. A payment agreement is a powerful Dentrix tool that helps you and your patients. However, if you opt to create a payment contract, you should limit the number of accounts you agree to fund and only fund patients whose terms of the payment contract you are confident will be able to meet. You are not a bank or a not-for-profit organization. And while Dentrix makes it easy to track payment agreements, you may not have the staff, time or expertise to provide and manage payment agreements with a significant percentage of your patients. Payment recovery is often difficult, even in times of good economic performance. Fortunately, you have a few options to make sure you get paid for the services you provided. If you wish, you can copy the agreement into a payment voucher to document all the payment terms you have put in place during the account.

If you haven`t set up a template, select a payment interval: monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly or weekly. In the agreed Amount box, enter the amount the bond pays as part of the agreement. It could be the total balance or an item. Enter the date on which the first payment is due in the First Deadline field. Then you can set up the recurring payment by typing either the payment desk or the total payments. Dentrix then calculates the other field for you. Recovering patient payments can be difficult, but this difficulty can be mitigated by the use of the tools Dentrix makes available to you. A payment agreement probably shouldn`t be your default choice, but it can be a very powerful and useful tool for you and a few selected patients. You can also use payment agreements to help your patients fund procedures that are only partially or not covered at all by their insurance plans. You may have, for example. B, a patient who opts for an implant instead of a bridge.

With a payment contract, you can help your patient finance the costs associated with the implant that does not cover his insurance. And Dentrix lets you define the terms of the payment agreement, including financing fees, interest rates, late charges and delivery times. You can determine how flexible the conditions should be on the basis of patients. You can also process payment agreement payments with a credit card stored on Dentrix Pay. Watch this video to find out how. You can find out more about setting up agreements as part of the Dentrix aid to learn more about setting up agreements. To set up a payment agreement, double-click on the collection managers in the list on behalf of the deposit for which you wish to establish a payment agreement. If you have not established a payment agreement, a message is displayed in which you are asked to add a request. to create. After clicking “Yes,” the Billing Information/Payment Agreement dialog box appears.

Enter the terms of the agreement, then click OK after the conclusion. More information about the payment contract manager can be found in the feature preview video or in the “Payment Payment Payment Payment Entry with Payment Manager” theme in Dentrix Help. You can filter the list so that only certain accounts or accounts with balances are displayed at zero. For a number of