A Masterclass On Drafting International Arbitration Agreements Law And Practice

Zerick Dastur is a firm owner and practices in dispute resolution, arbitration, securities, cartels and competition rules. Its activities cover a variety of areas of commercial and regulatory litigation, competition law and securities law. He has represented clients in domestic and international commercial arbitration cases and has worked for clients in mergers, acquisitions and other transactions. For registration and more details, see en.arbitration.org.tw/news_into.php?id=60 target group: lawyers, arbitrators, officers and researchers involved in international arbitrations and cross-border dispute resolution, management and resolution. He has advised clients on competition issues, including issues related to anti-competitive agreements and corporate abuse of dominance. He was also a member of the Registry`s securities law practice and appeared before the Securities Appellate Tribunal and SEBI. Zerick has been involved in a number of constitutional law issues before various high courts and the Supreme Court, defending accountants and corporate companies before various civil/penitentiary courts and regulators in connection with fraud and corporate fraud. In addition, he has advised several clients on issues related to shareholder disputes and minority shares. He appears regularly before the High Court and the Supreme Court and in arbitration. He has worked on a number of issues, including Indian and international arbitration, as well as advice on corporate and trade law, civil and constitutional matters and crimes. Sahil has also negotiated private equity and joint venture transactions. Module 2: consists of a one-day program focused on investor-government arbitration, in particular the ICSID framework and ICSID procedures.

This intensive two-day masterclass program focuses on what cross-border lawyers, arbitrators and traders need to know about UNCIR`s standard international trade arbitration law, UNCI`s model international trade mediation law, UNCLOS arbitration regulations and UNCLOS conciliation rules. It will develop participants` understanding of the above-mentioned INSTRUMENTS of the UNCLOS and strengthen their understanding of the principles and practices prevailing in international arbitration and cross-border dispute resolution. With the successful launch of the first International Centre for Commercial Mediation in Hainan Province on 1 June 2020, the Hainan International Arbitration Court (HIAC) is offering its first virtual series of virtual roundtables, in collaboration with the International Dispute Resolution Academy (IDRA) and 39 Essex Chambers, to facilitate dialogue and promote the exchange of ideas and experiences between national mediators and international mediators and partners.